Vegan mofo day 10 pt. 2: Blue majik coconut keffir

In mythology and esoteric studies, the color blue is associated with clarity, wisdom and inner knowledge. It is also associated with calm, peace, and spirituality. I have no idea if the color blue has anything to do with any of these concepts, but I do know that indigo is my favorite color and that the color blue in general makes me feel some pretty intense feelings. I know I am not alone, as there are numerous poems that are odes to blue.

In plant science and nutrition blue-hued foods are found to contain high antioxidants levels, and certain blue foods like butterfly pea flower tea have been used in herbal medicine to treat depression and malaise.

The makers of E3live have come out with a product called Blue Majik. It is an extract of the part of their algae product E3live that gives its blue pigments, but not the yellow ones, that make the original product green. The extract is primarily phycocyanin, which the producers claim fight free radicals and inhibit inflammation. I think the product has a very interesting, umami flavor that you will enjoy if you like other micro algae like chlorella and spirulina. From a culinary perspective it is hard to find something that can offer that most beautiful blue hint.


Blue majik coconut kefir:

To make the kefir you have a few options. You can purchase a store bought product such as Kevita (I love the lemon ginger!) You can ferment your own like in this recipe.  Or you can do the way that I find the easiest and most economical, purchase Inner Eco Probiotics and mix it with store bought, or fresh cracked young Thai coconut water. I like this way because even though the bottle of probiotics is an investment, you get more servings out of it than buying Kevita’s all the time.  If you use fresh coconuts it might be a) cheaper if you live some where cases of coconut are cheap, like I do and b) there is less packaging involved.


To make one serving I used the water from 1 coconut (about 2 cups) with 1/2 teaspoon Blue Majik and 2 TB of Inner Eco Probiotics plain flavor.